Bishopric. Area capital.

Recent events:

  • Areas of the city near the water have been devastated by the attacks of the Sea Monster

Significant Locations:

  • Signal Hill—rich area, built on ancient Goldbeard architecture
  • Cathedral of GIs
  • Cathedral of The Three
  • Headquarters of the Holy Knights of Leudik
  • Fogo and Bogo’s Mining Co. (basement conceals the entrance to the catacombs under the city)

Significant People:

  • Carolus Carel—young knight, our heroes aided him in relief efforts after the monster attacks
  • Sir Bavo—Officer in the Holy Knights, nice smelling mustache, not much help to our heroes
  • Bishop Roel Montaine—Bishop of the Church of Gis, was about to retire, willing to resurrect Moxie, wants heroes to investigate caves/ruins under the city


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