The Gentlemen's Dungeon World

Full Circle

Our northern heroes had little time to rest and recuperate after their success in slaying the Sea Monster of Leudik. On one hand, the bandit, Irontooth had declared himself King of the South and was demanding normalized diplomatic relations with the Bishopric of Leudik. On the other, the party had long ago vowed to return east to cleanse the Temple of Amon-Gar of evil, and now, with the favor of Bishop Montaine and the fabled Rings of Kolos in their possession, they finally had the means to do so.

Hereward and Zha-rka decided to return to the Temple, Hereward to keep his vow, and Zha-rka to try to speak with the ancient dwarven spirit there. Crum, seeing no opportunity for wealth in such a journey, chose to remain where he was, being showered by wine, women, and gold as “Crum the Slayer,” hero of Leudik.

Hereward and Zha-rka were delighted when Bishop Montaine led them to a hospice room containing none other than their newly resurrected halfling friend, Moxie. Moxie, fresh from the Other Side, wasted no time in promising his aid on their quest. He was, after all, the one who had made the promise to the spirit of the Temple in the first place. The party pressed Bishop Montaine to accompany them, and despite grave misgivings about the ability of the city to manage the Irontooth problem without him, the bishop kept his word. The following morning the four departed Leudik, journeying east.



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