Name: Moxie

Race: Halfling

Class: Rogue

Quote: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Look: Shifty eyes, messy hair, knobby body

Alignment: Neutral


-Enrond the Wizard knows incriminating details about me.
-Hereward has my back when things go wrong.


Moxie lived his childhood in a small halfling village by the thriving human city of Humblesburg. Moxie’s family eventually moved to the human city of Humblesburg after his father, Troxie, was awarded a certificate to sell spirits. The family owned and lived in their tavern, “The Hairy Foot”, for many years. Moxie sat and watched the differant character’s stroll in and out of his father’s bar. Moxie witnessed big men, magic men, wild men and religious men but Moxie never learned much from any of these guys. He watched the sneaky crooked men the closest. He watched the sneaky crooked men steal from the big men, wild men, magic men, and religious men alike. He was awed to see sly fingers pick a pocket while a crooked tongue dolled out a compliment or an entertaining quip. Moxie did not have the guts to try what he witnessed on real live people, only practicing slieght of hand in his room alone and running sneaky schemes over and over in his head. Years went by and eventually Humblesburg was taken over by an evil Burgomeister who taxed everyone to high heaven. Moxie’s father killed himself and his wife, and allot of drunken patrons in a horrid fire after falling asleep drunk with a pipe in his hand. Moxie was the only survivor, waking and jumping out a window to safety in the nick of time. From that day forward Moxie vowed not to be the honest sucker. Moxie took to the streets picking pockets, flim-flamming, making friends, and making even more enemies. After leaving Humblesburg, Moxie has not stayed in the same city for more than a year. He loves letting stupid people “give” him money and tends to feel that some of his cons are a sort of show that his victims pay to see.


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