Enrond the Wizard


Name: Enrond the Winzed

Race: Human

Class: Wizard

Quote:“Don’t drink that! It’s poison!”

Look: Crazy Eyes, Wild Hair, Strange robes, Pudgy Body

Alignment: Neutral

Hereward will play an important role in the events to come. I have foreseen it!

Throndir is keeping an important secret from me.

Moxie is woefully misinformed about the world; I will teach them all that I can.


Enrond had a psychotic breakdown at the age of eight, and became the shaman of Suxonberry Glen. The townsfolk bragged too often of their grand hermit throughout the years and Enrond left to prove his actual powers. He apprenticed under “hermit turned wizard” Oggliant the quiet. The master was patient and allowed Enrond to learn many of his best lessons through trial and error. Enrond was hired shortly after his apprenticeship, and worked as a apothecary for the Viceroy Garnetham’s army against the vile Magus Sumplatt Grampshum. Enrond, seeing the horrors of war first hand, decided to offer up his services to those willing to explore realms of discovery and high adventure.

Enrond the Wizard

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