Human town on the site of an ancient fort at the north end of the High Marshes.

Recent events:

  • Half of St. Kolos’s skeleton is missing from the shrine

Significant Locations:

  • Monastery of St. Kolos—peaceful, monks produce jams and jellies, shrine contains relic of St. Kolos
  • Toad’s Eye Inn

Significant People:

  • Abbot Soikin—head of the monastery, concerned about our heroes reports of demons in the marshes
  • Father Rikewin—ancient wizened scholar, helped our heroes determine the last known location of the Rings of Kolos
  • Hedelm—innkeep of the Toad’s Eye
  • Derek—merchant who brings goods from Upenstadt to Leudik and back, paid our heroes to accompany him and protect his wagon


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