Human town. Currently abandoned. Many of the southern party’s adventures revolve around this location.

Recent events:

  • People left for the shores of the lake to the north to hide until the bandits are no longer a threat.
  • Bandits led by Irontooth took the town despite the efforts of our heroes and the townswomen. Left due to concerns about plague after seeing the menfolk sick.
  • A strange enchantment overtook the men of the town, leading them to engage in nonstop nightly revelry. The enchantment was ended when our heroes found, broke, and buried a statue of a southern demon apparently responsible for the trouble
  • PIg-Women infiltrated the town by posing as the womenfolk. They were unmasked and driven off by our heroes.

Significant Locations:

  • Pieter’s Roadhouse
  • Church of the Three
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Caves in the woods north of town (Pig-Women lair, Frogmen)

Significant People:

  • Pieter Ganz—owner of the roadhouse outside town
  • Wantje—young woman who helped organize the defense of the town against Irontooth
  • Father Botto—formerly unreliable drunken priest of The Three, becoming more of a leader in the town’s times of trouble.
  • Heintz—refugee from Thudig, convinced the end times are upon us.


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