Hereward of the Hammer


Name: Hereward

Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Quote: “The hammer is heavy, but the responsibility is mine.”

Look: Eager Eyes, Battered Helm, Scarred Skin, Ravaged Body

Alignment: Good


I worry about the ability of Enrond to survive in the dungeon.
I have sworn to protect Moxie.


Hereward knew he got lucky when he slew the infernal beast.

Despite the protests of the priests that he retreat immediately from the body, he seized the creatures hammer, climbed atop it’s hulking corpse, declared himself the better skilled, and claimed the weapon as his prize. Standing aghast, the holy men knew it was too late: Hereward, such a young man, had bound his fate to that hateful weapon.

For the first few weeks Hereward was either unaware or unwilling to realize what had happened to him. Fueled by an arrogance founded in strength and youth he would carry the hammer around town as a trophy, he would go drinking with the hammer, he would go courting with the hammer, the hammer never left his side. He was a hero! He would let everyone know it, even if it meant carrying the damned thing all the time.

Eventually it was time for another battle. The roads had been molested by brigands and it was time to put an end to it. Hereward was excited to wield his trophy in actual combat. The results were terrible. Even veterans shuddered as what the fiends mallet could do to a man. Hereward was horrified, and was resolved to retire the trophy.

Not long after the battle the young soldier found himself incapable of wielding any weapon at length. His skills crumbled, and his arms weakened. He went to see a healer praying he didnt’t have the wasting disease. The healer, recognizing Hereward, sent him to a priest. The priest instructed him that he must wield the awful hammer to regain his ability. The priest was not wrong. Hereward could train with other weapons but the hammer could never be unused for long.

After a time, he was discharged from the guard for vague reasons. He knew the truth, the hammer made people uncomfortable. He made them uncomfortable. Town after town, the story repeated. Though an excellent guard, and an amiable person, the hammer would drive people away. Hereward would never call one place home again.

Hereward, finally humbled, accepted the hammer. The hammer was always there.

Hereward of the Hammer

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